About Us & Mission


Welcome to KIT Cycling – your one stop shop for a life of motivation, innovation and activation! Our collection of cycling apparel and accessories have been specially curated to get you to the top of that climb or end of that sprint not only feeling great, but looking great too.

After all, when you’re doing something you love, why not also love what you’re doing it in? That’s what drives our team every day. As fans of fitness ourselves, we work hard to KIT you out with the best designs from around the globe that will complement your performance – whether it’s a big race or simply a casual weekend workout. We strive to deliver the best online retail experience – fully wearing our passion on our (silky, breathable) sleeve!

But hey, it’s not just about products. Here at KIT, we’re obsessed with helping connect your mind and body in perfect harmony. What gets you out of bed each morning? What fuels that rush of endorphins after a workout? What motivates you to live your best life? These are the kinds of questions we love to ask – because we know that the answers will help us choose your next great piece of KIT.

LIve YOUR life in top gear…
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At KIT, we’re changing the world, one happy cyclist at a time. It’s our mission to put you in top gear – carefully curating everything you need to give your best, every time. Hit the right fit with KIT!