Riding in Jakarta Indonesia

Selamat Pagi, Jakarta! Unleashing the Energy of a City on Wheels!

When you're in Jakarta, you're in for a ride of a lifetime. With nearly 12 million people bustling through the city, it's a symphony of scooters, motorcycles, and cars. The traffic is a high-energy dance, and everyone's got the moves. The hustle and bustle is infectious, and we've got a front-row seat.

Our cycling day kicks off at 5:15 AM, right in the heart of the city. We're on our saddles, ready for an inner city loop covering a whopping 45KM. Yes, the traffic is intense, but it's like organised chaos. Everyone on the road seems to have a touch of magic. A mere head-turn or a little gesture, and we all understand each other. It's like we're in a secret club of road magicians.

The result? An utterly unique and fun riding experience. It might look like chaos, but it's a well-choreographed show, and safety is the name of the game. Thank you, Machine of Freedom Jakarta, for hosting the MOF x KIT ride. To all of you who joined the adventure, you made it special. So good to see new faces and make new friends. After all, isn't that what cycling is all about?

And there's more! This ride was also the launch for the new MAAP Fragment collection. The new jerseys are a masterpiece by the Amazing MAAP team, a race-inspired capsule designed for motion addicts. You can check them out here: MAAP Fragment Collection. https://maap.cc/collections/fragment

Can't wait to ride with this fantastic crew again someday. Who knows, maybe our next ride will be in sunny Sydney, Australia?

Just a quick shoutout to Machine of Freedom Jakarta, the awesome boutique bicycle shop in South Jakarta's Cikajang area. They're not just about bikes; they're also the proud distributors of MAAP Apparel in Indonesia. And guess what? They host weekly shop rides, so if you find yourself in Jakarta, join the cool bunch.

Meeting Spot: Machine of Freedom Cikajang
Directions: https://maps.app.goo.gl/WHVyKEyMWhQykmQY8

Join them every Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 5:15 AM. Keep those wheels turning, Jakarta.

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