The Ultimate Cyclist Starter Pack To Boost Your Cycling Performance

For up and coming cyclists, there’s a thing or two to know aside from bike riding skills prior to starting the cycling journey. Owning a bike may not be all there is to pursue the ultimate cycling hobby. For cyclists seeking to know where to start or even looking for a gear upgrade, read further for all there is to know about the cyclist starter pack for maximising the sport’s potential.

  1. A helmet for safety

    As cyclists often go on various types of roads and trails, it’s always a good idea to protect the body. A helmet is a must-have in a cyclist starter pack as it protects the head from injury, and that is reason enough to utilize one.

  2. Quality padded shorts, tights or bib

    For the optimal experience when cycling, it’s recommended to own a pair of quality padded shorts, tights or bib to allow flexibility when sporting the bike. Bibs are a great option for cyclists due to them being aerodynamic and skintight, allowing the shorts to stay in place throughout the movements on the bike.

  3. A comfortable jersey or top

    Cyclists, beginner or advanced, should always wear comfortable clothing for a great riding adventure. Although some reach for regular tops, it’s highly suggested for riders to wear a cycling jersey - specifically intended for bike riding. Available in long and short sleeves, cycling jerseys provide better wind resistance for a better cycling experience.

  4. A pair of sunnies or lenses

    Cyclists confront a lot of wind and it’s a natural occurrence with outdoor sports. Whether it be on roads or off-road trails, there is bound to be visible and invisible projectiles in the air. Using a pair of sunnies or lenses helps to protect the eyes for intensive bike riding sessions, allowing comfort and safety against debris.

  5. A saddle bag to store essentials

    Saddle bags are common among cyclists for carrying small belongings. Stored underneath the seat, a saddle bag can store important items of small sizes such as a phone, earphones and other trinkets that might be needed. Many cyclists also include a small sized first-aid kit in their saddle bag for safety measures.

  6. Water to rehydrate

    As an essential for all sports, having water handy is always a must for cyclists. Bike riding is an exercise that results in a lot of perspiration and will be having the riders reach for a bottle to rehydrate. With a water bottle at hand, cyclists are able to ride for longer periods.

Aside from the health benefits, cycling can be an enjoyable sport if one were equipped with the right equipment and techniques. With the ultimate starter pack, riders can boost their cycling performance and experience biking to the maximum. For a go-to cycling apparel option, consider PAS Normal Studios and MAAP for a collection of premium bibs, and cycling jerseys and enjoy contemporary look and feel for the ultimate cycling quest.

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